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Sabtu, 03 April 2010

How to Build a SEO Website

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How to Build a SEO Website

Today, even small companies using the Internet as a major tool in building a customer base, maintain relationships with their clients and this also means that most basic of their advertising.

Designing a company website that cheap and effective, yet more important for the world wide web is the only information medium that offers instant access to millions of users around the world.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is key to building an effective site that will get lots of hits and visitors. A web site that nobody visits is useless so the challenge lies in leading Internet users to visit Web sites.

Thus, your website must be "discovered" when a user types a keyword in the search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN, Altavista, AOL and others.

After the keywords associated with the product or service you offer is to enter into a search engine, a direct link to your website must appear on the list.

You must use a search engine optimization techniques to lead traffic your way, and get more hits that would later lead to more profits for your company, what is your goal in the first place.

Here are some search engine optimization tips on how you can make to the list of search engines and using SEO techniques to benefit your website and your company:

SEO Technique 1: If you have a website and domain, just optimize the one you have, rather than buying a new domain.

This will take some time before your website will appear in certain search engines, like Google, so it's better to use one you have now rather than switch to the new.

SEO Technique 2: Know who your target audience and purpose for them.

If you are in manufacturing industries and types of users on your product in search engines, then you will immediately have your target right in front of you.

Immediately after the user hits the Enter key or click on 'Search', then that person will lead to your website.

Make sure that your target market will get 'hooked' on your website. After the search engine displays links to your website, their task completed.

What you should do next is to ensure that visitors will not leave your site without them try your product or service, or at least leaving some pertinent information so you can contact them in the future for marketing and advertising purposes.

When hitting a particular target market, learn about their interests, location and age to have an idea of what you can offer to them in return.

Also, you can connect somehow in their interests to your products and services.

SEO Technique 3: Find the right keywords.

You must be creative, persistent and flexible when searching for your keyword or keyword phrase to use in optimizing your web site.

Google and Yahoo offer some SEO tips and tools on how you can come up with keywords that will give results.

Do not be satisfied with only one keyword. You can also vary the words and phrases you use for each page on your website so that you can have more hits.

SEO Technique 4: Consider your target market when designing your Web site.

The design itself would include the general theme of the website. You must also consider the small details like color and font style and size.

Make sure that the website is user-friendly and do not forget to insert helpful articles, tips, hints and links that can be shared to other users.

This is a good thing to have the option to send a link or article to a friend, who will add more users and increase your client base.

There must also be a variety of ways to browse your site, to customize each user.

Someone may be difficult to use the scroll down option so you must also provide a hyperlink that can be accessed by them.

SEO Technique 5: Concentrate on the website content.

Regularly update your website content so that the old and new users can discover something new when browsing through your website.

Making a brief and appropriate content. Writing content that has more than 600 words that will make users lose interest, because most of them do not really read but just skim through the text. * Do not take too many SEO consider: your visitors should take precedence!

Trying hard to be the best and most comprehensive site and you'll make a mark when it comes to information about products and services you offer.

It helps a lot to pay attention to detail, too

Finally, keep your website content updated is a must (first, to keep your readers to read and second, for the purpose of SEO).

Spread the word about your website and use this basic search engine optimization (SEO) techniques and you will get positive results once users visit your website.

Thus, the end babble "How to Build a SEO Website". Thanks

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