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Sabtu, 03 April 2010

Embedded Comment Form (blogger in draft)

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After so long in the complaint use, ultimately improving the Blogger Team is also complicated the problem in comment form, the new features this time we will no longer find that annoying blogger comments. Blogger now allows us to put comment form (Embedded Comment Form) under the posts.

To install the Embedded Comment Form to login first to http://draft.blogger.com then on the "Settings" select the tab "Comments" after it agreed to a "Placement Formula comments" do not forget to check the "Embedded below post" do not forgotten saved and see the results.

STOP! if you've succeeded, the following article does not need to be continued.

Please note before you try this feature sometimes does not directly work on the template already in the modification, for blogs that have not been on the modifications I think there is no problem. To overcome this problem blogger offers a somewhat less well, ie by deleting coding then put back the code to its original position . This method does not delete the actual post page elements, if still forced us to lose the previous setting.

To try the solution into the layout of the pages - Edit HML (do not forget to check the Expand Widget Templates).

Find the code below: (Sometimes a little different each template just so focused to the color code green)  

Already? then delete all the above code and replace it with all the code below.

Do not forget to save, please try again, if it still does not work try to go back to the comment page and check back "Embedded below post".

Hopefully the above ways can help to solve your problems

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