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Sabtu, 26 Juni 2010

Make Your Blog Looks Beautifully With Cool Widgets

If the blog Widget have associated with the website or blog in question is a tool (useful tool) to maximize the beauty of your blog. The Widget itself is an element useful and easy to use either provided by blog service providers of you used or come from or third parties.

The use and installation of the cool widget has been greatly facilitated by third parties service providers, so you need * usually * only register or who do not even need to register at all, simply copy the provided scrift the element of your blog. Well, the gallery widgets of following options to enhance the look of your blog.

Note: I recommend not to put too much widgets as well as religion other than impressions * prohibit * install widgets exaggerated * too much * can lead to blog so impressed slums and burdensome load your blog page so do not close the possibility of PLP.

1. MyBlogLog's Recent Readers - Widget This one else in the world since its presence directly blog got an enthusiastic welcome as the new celebrity naek wrote again leaves. This widget shows the avatar of your blog visitors. And with the popularity of this one widget to the extent that management can convince MyBlog log yahoo (read : yahuu) to buy its shares. * its great ! * So, you need to get this widget is a yahoo account.

2. Mashable - This widget provides a kind of newsreel (headline news) in the element that gives bloggers news snippets / postings from social networking. The difference is the color choices to suit the layout of your blog.

3. Headline News - As Mashable widget, this widget also shows footage from the news headlines sites around the world.

4. Flickr Flash Photo Stream Badge - This widget displays photos from your flickr profile in sequence and with a touch of flash. Flickr is part of yahoo so to get this widget you need a yahoo account as in the MyBlogLog widget at the top.

5. Preview Anywhere - well-known enough snapshots to the user name blogger or wordpress widget even this specific recommendation in dashbord admin users. Its function is to see a preview link out to display a popup that is not too large when visitors mouse over the text or banner that "contains" links. Pros and cons are always there; some think this widget is useful for our honesty as indicating the blog owner, but some are labeled scapegoat lojalabo blamed.

6. Twitter Badge - If your daily life in many interesting things and so full of color with a myriad of activities and want others to know and show footage of short sentences such as a paragraph * * (140 characters) You're doing this activity, you're is where, you're with who you are, are, and the other is .... So this widget suitable for installation on your blog. Instead of making his own element blogger / wordpress * * manually write the text as a message to visitors of your blog that you're this and that, I suggest better use of this widget. This Widget will display the "tweet" your latest. And for users of existing WP plugin for twitter post directly from your blog, for example in the sidebar of this blog is just my babbling notes of what was I doing with these plugins.

7. Digg News - Widget was clear the last links that go to Digg is a great social bookmarking . More themes and colors to your set easy to fit your blog template.

8. FEEDJIT - most of good this widget widgets among others, suppose we again reply tired, lethargy, joints do not feel good, stiff muscles, body aches, chill ... then send to be wrote for it Feedjit * oooh yes * heuheu massage. Feedjit is a real-time traffic services to your blog. There are four options Feedjit widget that you can use, please visit the course Feedjit and see four widgets are available.

9. LineBuzz - inline comments in the widget for your blog. This widget is very useful for blogs that have frequencies above 900 MHz high in receiving comments, making it easier to comment if there is a prolonged discussion . Only love, visitors must be registered first to comment LineBuzz * also * make a nuisance

10. Flixn - If the company or your laptop is connected webcam, so this widget can be used to show the expression of "narcissistic" You live through your blog. So the blog visitors do not just read your post but could see "concert" in front of your monitor, like a webcam yahoo.

11. 3Jam - This widget allows blog visitors to interact with you by sending an SMS on your henpun without them knowing your mobile phone number.

12. Jaxtr - Like 3jam widget above, by using this jaxtr widget, blog visitors can contact your HP without them knowing your mobile phone number. * Your mobile phone number guaranteed confidentiality *

13. LinkedInABox - Displays your profile on LinkedIn. And this widget is perfect for personal blogs.

14. Box Widget - With this widget, your blog allows visitors to upload files to online storage via box.net box.net widget on your blog.

15. Price of gas - Displays the cost of fuel vehicles online (U.S. $), if its in Indonesia may be as Petrol price premium, and diesel and pertamax. "Very suitable" for your blog visitors a high mobility. * feels odd * but reply to your blog's address the issue of natural gas, fuel and similar then this widget is perfect, anyways do not need to register only provided copy and paste scrift Gas-Cost.Net.

16. iBegin Weather Widget - Displays the weather report for Canada and U.S. territories. As widgets Price of Gas in the widget is only suitable for blogs that are discussing the same problem.

17. Clocklink - This widget seems the most demanding and the use of bloggers who care about time management * clock as the name suggests, this widget displays the time or clock instructions on your blog.

18. Film Loops - Displays the conclusion last film you watch through your FilmLoops account.

19. Daily Painters - Widget is very convenient for your high-minded art for this widget displays the paintings of famous painters in the world.

20. WhoLinked - Show your blog visitors to sites that already link to your blog. not need to update because this WhoLinked regularly update their own web / blog to link your blog.

21. Criteo AutoRoll - This widget shows links to blogs that same course with your blog. Ideals ...? By ...! Heuheu.

22. Calendar - Different from wordpress widget that already has this in it, for the calendar widget blogger users are not yet available, therefore if you want to display the calendar widget is worth in one account.

23. Bitty Browser - View the web browser "mini" in the sidebar of your blog.

24. Leafletter - This is also still a problem as a mini, this widget to make a mini website and save it on your blog.

25. WikiSeek - Displays widget to search on Wikipedia.

26. FeedCount - Displays the number of visitors to your blog through the small banners and widgets are associated with your feedburner account.

27. Technorati Link Count - Displays the number of reactions to link your blog from one of the largest blog directory and most popular this century .

28. MyPageRank - This is another way to arrogance shows how great and helpful to your blog by displaying Google Rank or Google PageRank (PR). Google PR assessment was like when we used to be ranked SD 1 sampe 10, the difference between a good public relations according to google it bigger, aka 10, only one reply is not very large blog.

29. CheckPageRank - Other options for displaying your blog public relations, but the excess of this widget also displays the Alexa ranking.

30. Statistic Counter - For those of you who want to see how many visitors your day, then this widget is one that provides such facilities.

31. Web / Blog Counter - This widget comes from Histats.Com that allows you to track your visitors come from anywhere, through any door, and count the number of visitors to your blog everyday how, referrers from this blog anywhere, and if through search engines such as google, yahoo, msn what keywords to use. If you want to see the IP address of your blog visitors, this histats widget that I can recommend.

32. BlinkxIt - Widget for displaying sangad mantab small banner under each of your blog postings, as it was in BlikxIt banner click the out mini popup like a snapshot and a video display associated with your blog postings.

33. Skype button - like widget displays the online status of YM on your blog, this widget was almost the same just different status online / offline on your skype account is displayed.

34. RockYou Horoscope - I do not recommend this widget on blogger Muslims, because this form of prediction that was clearly forbidden by our religion-Sodara Sodara! Consequently, if you believe the 40-day forecast Your prayers are not accepted .

35. Bravenet Horoscope - Like the widget above, Bravenet also provides horoscope widget for your blog.

36. del.icio.us Tagometer - This widget displays how many users del.icio.us bookmark your blog.

37. del.icio.us Linkrolls - this widget displays your recent bookmarks from del.icio.us.

38. Timelines - Need to create a timeline to your blog? Then the widget is easy to use, only need to enter your blog RSS then enter width and height.

39. PollDaddy - PollDaddy gives you easy create an interactive poll or survey of the country with the theme you are very beautiful and enchanting without limit of time that should separate between the two of us, let heaven and earth to witness the sacred love you both sincere . (ha ha ha)

40. Vizu - another widget options to create a poll on your blog, this widget excess match any blog platform.

41. AnswerTips - Show answer from Answers.com for various terms contained in your blog *

42. AnswerBoxes - Still Answer.Com widget of this widget only allows your blog visitors to enter a term that is understood and received answers to all the troubled heart of Answer.Com.

43. Now Playing - If you want to share a playlist of music you are listening and want your visitors to listen to your blog too, now offers Signamp this widget, let signamp that do the trick mungin how it happened.

44. BuzzBoost - Displays headlines from RSS FeedBurner your blog on your own blog or your other blogs or blogs are also on your friends or maybe your brother's blog or she is also in this blog, them and him. * Do not insist ! (ha ha ha) *

45. LibraryThing - Show the last book you've read bookworm O!

46. Plaxo Address Book - Allow visitors who have been faithful to your trust to access their guest book directly from your blog.

47. AuctionAds - Widget that displays auctions from eBay, and providing the opportunity to get the percentage .By the way, if a note of your blog visitors buying the auction item.

48. aStore - similar to AuctionAds Almost above, except that this widget comes from Amazon. This widget lets you display the "simple shop" but if there is a purchase through your shop that you benefit from the Amazon. By the way, have amazon list yet? Kalo not Click Here to list and instantly create 'simple stalls ". (Heuheu).

49. Deal of the Day - Still of the Amazon is the most brand-new widget released amazon. What's interesting about this widget is a massive discount offered to visitors of your blog. And if there is a buy goods from these widgets would you get a tip from amazon, okay to buy roasted peanuts. Heuheu.

50. Plazes - This widget displays the position where you are, Well this widget map showing the location of where you are.

51. Stockalicious - Show your portfolio with this widget, and sharing with other bloggers. Let everyone know how much money you have to spend on blogging.

52. Yahoo! For Good - Widget to create a "charity box" and will be donated to their owners. * Yahoo * So word to those that altruistic, it is necessary widgets, let's say your blog stalls or shops are receiving care charity box. ^ _ ^

53. Giftspace - Friend or blogger friends will give gifts on your Birthday day but they did not know what gift to buy if you want. Well through this widget let them know what gifts you really want.

54. MixMap - From this widget you can view your MySpace profile visitors from a map.

55. Google Map Widget - Show search on google maps from your blog.

56. Google Video Search - Show the search form from the video selection on your blog.

57. This Day in History - This widget displays the footage that today there is anything in the history of the past.

58. Shoutbox - shoutbox function is to accommodate the short message or a friend of the blogger who was blogwalking. To shoutbox many options you can use them, Shoutmix, Cbox, or your reply and nationalist-oriented domestic product of love you can choose Oggix. And earlier this oggix 2008 version was launched this blog, if you want to switch services, or simply trying to blog oggix please list.

Thus among the web widgets can be used to beautify your blog. Select all that if useful and appropriate for your blog. Remember! Most widgets can impress your blog slums and create and lead visitors lojalabo lazy to come a second time.

If you want to add another widget that you find in this column, please add a comment. Thanks..

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