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Sabtu, 03 April 2010

How To Register ( Step By Step ) Marketiva

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If you already understand the basic foundation forex (foreign exchange), please try forex trading professionals who have many features, and so we recommend that you foreign exchange professional traders. [Please click here to Broker Professional, Safe and Reliable]

A. To open a free forex trading account or free, Please fill out the form HERE.
In three minutes you'd be able to direct trading, you'll get $ 5 free price and virtual money to practice trading for $ 10,000.

Important: You must enter the correct personal data, ranging from Full Name, Address, Phone Number, Zip, City and State. Users who enter false data or arbitrary origin will be removed automatically by the system. Each person may only create 1 account only, because if you make more than 1 account, then you will be blocked. Therefore you will be required to enter data in truth according to ID cards or Driving License, because the ID card or driver's license will be asked to upload later.

How to Fill in Registration Form:
For fields with an asterisk (*) to your content, what else can you empty.

    1. Username (*): Use the username / nickname that good, because you'll use to chat with fellow traders, for example: traderfx, etc..
    2. Password (*): your password, at least 8 characters letters and numbers combined.
    3. First Name (*): Your Firstname
    4. Middle Initial: Your middle name initial (1 character), empty it (if you do not have a middle name) or enter your middle name to Last Name (if you have a middle name)
    5. Last Name (*): The name behind you, if your name consists of only one syllable, enter your name was on the field First Name and Last Name. Example: if your name is Johnny, then enter your First Name: Johny, Last Name: Johny.
    6. Job Title: Clear only if the name on the ID / identity card or driving license / your SIM no title or titles to fill this column (if there is a degree in ID / identity card or driving license / SIM)
    7. Organization: Clear
    8. Street Address (*): Address in accordance with ID / ID card or driving license / SIM card.
    9. Additional Address: Clear or can you fill your address than the one listed in ID / identity card or driving license / SIM
   10. City (*): Your City in accordance with ID / ID card or driving license / Your SIM
   11. Zip / Postal Code (*): Zip Code
   12. State / Province (*): West Java Province eg
   13. Country / Region (*): Country
   14. Phone (*): Phone Number
   15. Fax: Clear
   16. Mobile: blank or fill with cellular phone number you
   17. E-mail (*): Your e-mail address (Must be active!)
   18. Website: blank or fill with your website

Click the Continue button =>

    1. User Template (*): Standard Forex Trader
    2. Coupon: empty if no one who refer you (it does not mean a discount coupon, but only to indicate that your downline person)
    3. Recovery Question (*): Questions to recover your password if you forget, for example what is your pet's name? (What's your pet's name?)
    4. Recovery Answer (*): The answer to the question above Recovery, for example: The Sweet Ancol Bridge, the Bridge Sweet Isikankan The Ancol if your pet's name is The Sweet Bridge Ancol, suggested an answer consisting of a few simple words that you remember, but difficult guessed by others.

Click the Next button =>

Put a tick / check / tick the option:
I have read, understood, and agree with the Service Agreement under which it Marketiva Corporation provides services and products. I have also read and understood the Risk Disclosure statement and I am willing and able to Assume such risks.

Then click the Finish button. Your registration process is complete.

B. To make trades, you need Trading Software can be downloaded from HERE
After you click can select the menu "save" and select the directory to place the file on the Desktop for example. (Do not use the software / download programs or accelerator)

C. You should identify the account / confirmation after registering.
MUST is not straightforward and can follow later, but if you use the internet cafe / cyber cafe to the LOGIN BEFORE the trading software, it is advisable to upload ID card or Driving License  in order not suspended or even delete your account. Unless you register the computer never used another user who logs into the trading software.

If your account suspended then do not create a new account because it was useless, the new account will usually be removed or suspended. The only way to activate the account is SUSPENDED just upload your document.

However we recommend that you identify as soon as possible after registering to receive 2 advantages are:

    1. Can withdraw funds
    2. Free from suspend / block when trading in used computers that have other user)

For the identification process, which is required

    1. Picture Identification: We will scan a photograph identity document, such as ID cards or driver's license, with a color JPEG format (more recommended) or a minimum greyscale / monochrome (not a photocopy!). The maximum file size is 100 Kbyte per share.
    2. Identification confirming the customer's address: We will scan a document that lists your address, such as telephone bills, electricity, or water. NB: If you do not have documents on the (point No. 2), you can only use ID cards scanned saja.Caranya identity: For those of you who have a new ID card (behind a map image), please upload a front-page scanning ID cards double as point 1 and 2 in atas.Tapi for those who have the old format ID card, ID cards can upload scanned the front page of the photograph as a point 1 and uploaded the backyard that includes the address as a point 2.

Please click HERE to make identification

D. To start trading, please install the trading software you've downloaded this, login, then you can start trading forex

E. If you want to add to your trading account funds (deposits), there are 2 ways:
1. Electronic currency (e-currency)
2. Bank transfer (Telegraphic Transfer / Wire)

To deposit a small amount (less than $ 500) is better to use e-currency (webmoney example, egold, ebullion, etc.) because the e-currency is more economical / cheaper if you deposit a little and takes a shorter time in the process of deposit.

For those of you who choose to e-currency, we recommend NOT USE:

     * E-gold (a problem because many cases of abuse as a place of money laundering)
     * E-bullion (often freezing accounts for no apparent reason, even if no funds in it).

We recommend using Liberty Reserve or Webmoney. We recommend that you use Liberty Reserve for those of you who do not understand computers because the installation procedure is more complicated Webmoney and need to install certificate (more suitable for use in the home computer / personal you).
Liberty Reserve please register by clicking HERE

To register in Webmoney, please list on www.wmtransfer.com website (use Webmoney Keeper Light for practicality and ease the process of deposit, do not use the Keeper Classic!).

But if you do not want to bother, could use the inter-bank transfers (Telegraphic Transfer / Wire). Please note if you want to deposit by wire transfer MUST have an identification / verification according to step number 3 above (a 1x). After verification you can start a deposit via wire or Telegraphic Transfer form by filling out a deposit wire first.

The contents of all your bank records, including your bank account no reply address you use eg your bank, no account, swift number, etc.. Later this data will be matched when you receive a transfer. Then afterwards you can make transfer from your bank to our bank. Do not forget to mention swift number (bank code) we told you the bank when the bank transfer.

F. If you want to deposit using Liberty Reserve, you have to buy Liberty Reserve from the exchanger (merchant selling e-currency). So you can just register an account on the exchanger. After registering you can buy Liberty Reserve with a way to use internet banking transfer or manual transfers from your bank to your bank account exchanger (Make sure you terpecaya exchanger to ensure that funds are secure, for example: where www.juraganegold.com Sell Buy & Exchange E-Gold ( Egold), Liberty Reserve and Webmoney.

G. If you wish to deposit using webmoney (Make sure you use "Light Keeper", you should buy webmoney in the form of WMZ (webmoney USD) of exchangers (the merchant selling e-currency). So you can just register an account on the exchanger. After registering you can buy WMZ transfer by using internet banking or manual transfers from your bank to your bank account exchanger (Make sure your trusted exchanger to ensure that funds are secure, for example: www.online-21.blogspot.com - Sell Buy & Exchange E-Gold (E-Gold), Liberty Reserve, and Webmoney).

Purchase scheme for e-currency deposit:
You pay in the form of USD or EUR to a bank account Exchanger>> Exchanger send an e-currency to e-currency account you>> Funds go to e-currency accounts in the form of e-currency (eg, Liberty Reserve).

Sales schemes for e-currency e-currency withdrawals to Rupiah or USD:
You pay in the form of e-currency to e-currency exchanger>> Exchanger send RP or USD to your bank account>> Funds go to your bank account in USD or EUR

H. LOGIN If you have the trading software and still do not understand (confused) can contact the support there to ask. For Indonesian or Malaysian, please click on the "Groups" on the top and click on the channel "International Support", then click OK. Remember not the channel "International".

When trading forex using real money (LIVE) is starting Monday morning at 4 pm (DST) / 5 am pm (EST) until Saturday morning, 4 pm (DST) / 5 am pm (EST) (When using the New York Time Zone is started Sunday 17:00 to 17:00 Friday). To trade using the money Demo (Virtual) is 7 days a week.

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